Still More Bathroom Ideas

Even though I'm in the middle of the living room project, even though the next project is the garage and the one after that is the office, even though we won't be starting on the bathroom for at least another 8 months, I can't stop thinking about my plans for the bathroom. This really can't be healthy. It started before we closed onthe house, with the footless clawfoot tub from the rental. Ever since we decided to buy the Prairie Box, there hasn't been a single day to go by that I haven't thought about what I'd like to do to the bathroom. I make sketches at work; I pore through Arts and Crafts books looking for the elusive period-appropriate bathroom; I even broke down today and ordered "Bungalow Bathrooms" from Amazon. I feel like I'm back in junior high, except now I'm in love with pedestal sinks and subway tile instead of boys. I'm surprised that Shayne hasn't left me for someone who doesn't drool over every passing clawfoot tub.

And then I found this picture:

While this picture isn't exactly what we want, it showed me that it's okay to put the sink across from the bathtub in a narrow bathroom. Simple as that. So we're leaving the layout of the bathroom completely alone, despite the slight bottleneck between the tub and sink. With a pedestal sink instead of the hulking cabinet we currently have, the space will be even less confining, and the pedestal will take up less visual space than a vanity. The bathroom in the picture is as narrow as ours (I counted hex tiles to check the measurements), and everything looks great.

Here's an approximation of what our bathroom will look like:

The walls will be lighter, the wall screening the toilet will probably be only 4 feet tall, and we'll have all white tiles, but you get the idea.

Note to self: The simplest solution is usually the best one. Anyone can feel free to remind me of that the next time I obsess over something for 8 months.


ben said...

Our bathroom looks to be the same size and layout too. One thing I remind A. is that people used to have dressing tables in their bedrooms. They didn't really spend hours primping in the bathroom in front of a tiny mirror. Just a small "lifestyle change" can really effect the way a bathroom works. Good luck on finding info on period bathrooms!

Anonymous said...

You counted tiles???? Now I'm worried! LY, Mom