Living Room Paint Mock-Up

**Updated picture with colors that match our selected paint chips**

I don't know how people painted rooms before Photoshop. I'm such a wimp about color that I love to be able to "try it out" first, before the commitment is made. So... Here's what I came up with. The brown trim separating the wall and ceiling colors is a picture rail, and it will be a darker brown. Obviously I'll finish stripping the stairway and the window will have trim around it, but the color of the stairs is just about right for the woodwork. The floor will be a much lighter golden/amber color. The red on the walls will be a little less intense. I couldn't get it right on the computer.
This is my inspiration photo, taken from Bungalow Style : Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts Home. And this is what my living room looked like as of this morning.

Phil needs to come back and do some touch-up work before we can paint the upstairs hall, but the living room is ready to go. We're going to buy paint tomorrow, and I'll start painting on Thursday. I can't believe that we finally made it to this point. Back in January, I thought I'd be scraping painted wallpaper off the walls forever. It's hard to believe that our living room used to look like this:

Almost there...


Anonymous said...

The colors look good. I would even go a little darker on the walls.
you know who

ben said...

You might want to check some samples throughout the day. Our dining room is similar and I've noticed the burgundy walls and gold ceiling take on different hues through the day.

salman pasha said...

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