Racoons on the Roof

We've graduated! And not in a good way... Instead of a squirrel problem, we now have a racoon problem. All through the winter, we had a family of red squirrels that decided to nest in our garage. They threw the ancient insulation all over the place and rained down black walnuts onto our cars. Shayne trapped 3, but then they decided that they preferred their walnut stash to peanut butter. Can you blame them? With the arrival of spring, they cleared out. Shayne pulled down a 4' by 8' board of foam insulation and a piece of plywood to find their nest, which was removed. Hopefully they're gone for good. But they must have told that racoon family that our garage was a good place to be, since Mama Racoon and her baby decided to take up residence on the flat roof between the two garages.
The photo shows Mama Racoon's tail end as she hides under the roof overhang. Shayne got a pretty good look at them last night and said that baby is the size of our cat (about 12 lbs), and mom is about 3 times that size. That's a big racoon! We don't want to kill them, and there's no space to put a trap up there... Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Turn the hose on them?

Bonk at Home said...

Mothballs and sulfur stink bombs

C&C said...

Can Animal Control get them out for you? In our area, they'll come over and try to retrieve them humanely. Good luck to you, they're cute but can cause so much trouble.