Painting the Living Room: Day 3

Who would have htought painting could be so tiring? So far today I've completed all of the cut-in work, plus rolled a second coat of red onto all the walls. I also completed the first coat of gold on the ceiling. I don't feel like I've done a whole lot, but I'm beat. There's not a huge difference from yesterday's pics, so I'll save the eye candy for later.

I'm getting really anxious to refinish the floors and woodwork. I could work on sanding the woodwork between coats of paint, but it's pretty cold and nasty outside. I'm feeling ambitious, but not that ambitious. Those two projects won't be completed for another few weeks, since Shayne and I are going to the Smoky Mountains in 4 days. We won't be back until next Sunday, which leaves me one day off before I go back to work. The following "weekend" I'll get going on sanding the floors. That will be the last big project for the living room, and then I can start on the fugly office.

I'm off to take a bath and try to relax...

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