Painting the Living Room: Day 1

After poring over paint chips last night, Shayne and I couldn't seem to find a red that was red enough. They all looked either pink-y or orange-y. This afternoon, I decided to go to Sherwin-Williams with our 2 finalist colors to get test quarts. Instead of asking for a color match, I ended up finding "Roycroft Copper Red" and "Hubbard Squash", both members of Sherwin-Williams Arts and Crafts palette. I had a hard time deciding on those two colors, but the lady that helped me was extremely helpful and patient. She even found a sample of wood stain that was close to the color of our woodwork so that I could make sure the colors would look good with it. After about 30 minutes of deliberation, I bought a sample size of each and a couple roller covers. Even after I took up so much of her time, she gave me a discount on the roller covers, which was awesome. I headed straight home and started rolling away.

I managed to get 1 full wall covered in both colors, then added a "spot" on every other wall in the living room. I even got some of the ceiling painted. This was supposed to be a test, but I ended up liking the colors so much that I didn't want to stop. even if we decide not to go with these colors, we already have primer and I only spent $5 each on the test quarts, so I'll only be out a few hours of time.

But I think it looks great. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Just a note: on my monitor, the colors appear a little darker than they do on my walls.

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