Painting the Living Room: Day 2

Whew! I'm worn out... Today I got up early and went to Sherwin-Williams to purchase the paint. I had a moment of unease this morning when I wend downstairs and the red looked pinkish and the gold looked very yellow, but Shayne talked me out of changing the color scheme. He's good for keeping me on track and away from agonizing over things, which I appreciate. Left to my own devices, I probably would have second-guessed myself and ended up with hideous colors.

I got a severe case of sticker shock at S-W. $126 for 3 gallons of paint and a paintbrush! I knew they were expensive, but... I'm trying to look at it as an investment, since we'll be living with this paint for a long time. And it is good paint. It hardly smells and doesn't splatter at all. It also covers extremely well. Since we went with flat paint, it was important to both of us to have cleanable paint, since the stairwell will be a lighter color and is subject to the dog and lots of wear and tear. I'm trying to convince myself it was worth it, can you tell??

The colors were slightly different than the test quart, which you can see much better in the pictures than in real life. The red is less purple and more true red, and the gold is less yellow. I like it better. My mom came over to help out this afternoon, and she did the cut-in work while I rolled like a madwoman. I got a first coat on everything (upstairs hall, stairway, and the entire living room), minus ceilings, and I even managed a second coat of red on one living room wall. Here are today's photos:

In both of the photos above you can clearly see the difference between the two coats.

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