"If I were a rich (wo)man..."

When I was a kid, I was one of those strange people who didn't really want to be rich. I'm not very materialistic, and my primary motivation for working is because I like my job (not that I'd turn down my paycheck or anything...!). However, owning an old home has made me see that having a boatload of money wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Then I could afford a $6200 Klondike refrigerator and an even pricier Elmira stove. My kitchen would be clad in beautiful Crown Point cabinetry instead of El Cheapo imitation wood cupboards. And the two layers of carpet? Poof! Say hello to my beautifully restored yellow pine floors!

I should really find something better to do at work than read American Bungalow and Old House Journal...

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Christopher Busta-Peck said...

In my search for a replacement for the 1950s 40" Crown gas stove, I've come to learn that great vintage stoves can often be quite reasonably priced. I've seen stoves locally, on Craigslist, from the 20s or 30s with beautiful enamel patterns for $200 or so. Even massive 60" wide Magic Chefs from the 1920s for not much more. There's just one catch - most of them have been sitting in basements or garages for a while. The current owners all claim that they worked when last used, but without any way to test that, it's a crapshoot. If you know someone who will work on old stoves, though, it seems like an idea worth pursuing.