More basement cleaning, decluttering, and organizing


While the new shelves freed up some space, I seem to have a never-ending parade of boxes and baskets that need to be stored in the basement.  Baby clothes, baby toys, more baby clothes, Christmas decorations, baby clothes, Shayne's LED stuff , etc.  We don't have a lot, but there's still too much.  I've gotten rid of more boxes and a few odds and ends, but I'm still struggling with the amount of stuff down there.  We've emptied two, almost three, shelving units, but the storage area has an odd layout because of the pipes and well pump, and it seems there is always something in the way.  I don't think we have a single wall down there that's not interruped by something immobile. 

We've decided put another wall-mounted shelf on the opposite end from the food storage that will wrap around in an L-shape.  Then we can put the Rubbermaid bins on it instead of stacking them on top of one another on a low shelf.  But for right now, I'm frustrated.  What do we do with this crap until then?  We both go back to work tomorrow, so there's no time to whip up another shelving unit before then.  Gaah!

I'm also feeling guilty for wanting to donate a set of Christmas/winter dishes that we have that I've used maybe once in the past 7 or 8 years.  I just don't want the hassle of special dishes.  But I like them, and they were a gift, and...  Sigh.  Into the Goodwill pile they go, but I feel bad about them.

Oh well.  Back to the grind...

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