Backyard Chickens: New Additions

Today my friend J from work called me with a surprise: he was on his way home from his sister's farm with 2 Ameraucana hens. I lost my buff Orpington on Christmas Eve to a dog attack, and I was planning on ordering chicks again in the spring. I'm so glad thta now I don't have to! Not that I minded the chicks, but I don't want the hassle of a curious toddler and a boxful of chicks with a heat lamp over it. I don't think he could resist the temptation!

I met J at his house earlier and brought home these 2 odd-looking girls:

The red and blue one has a muff - feathers that stick out around her beak - and they're both supposed to lay blue or green eggs. They're more elongated and trimmer than my Australorps and Wyandotte, and neither has wattles to speak of. Looking at these birds, I can see why scientists theorize that chickens came from dinosaurs.

So far the silver hen is having a bit of trouble getting along with my Wyandotte, but hopefully they'll sort out their pecking order without any major damage. They were both roosting on the same branch tonight, which I think is a good sign. We'll see.


Limette said...

They are Easter Eggers (mutts) not Ameraucanas.

Most birds people thinks are Ameraucanas including those from hatcheries are not Ameraucanas. They are EE's.

Di said...

Yeah, I found that out after I posted this. I have no idea whether she hatched these as chicks or if they're mutts from her farm, but they definitely lay green eggs! I wanted EEs when I first got chickens, but the hatchery I bought from didn't offer them. I'm glad I found these girls! Too bad my Wyandotte isn't too keen on them...

Limette said...

Lol, some chickens are so picky about new additions. I have an EE but she's not laying yet. She has Ameraucana in her background so hoping to get blue from her.