150 things out of the house!

I had originally vowed to get 150 things out of the house by Christmas, but we got a little behind.  Then I thought I'd have it done by New Year's Day.  But I was busy at work, and the baby and I got colds, and it just didn't happen.  But today, January 3, I've meet my goal!

Here's the final list:

1. dish drainer (does it count if I replaced it with a new, folding one so doesn't take up any space in the cupboard?)

2. 1 book
3. small pile of paperwork/old bills
4. box of glass votive candle holders
5. 2 stuffed animals
6. 2 pairs of shoes
7. bag of plastic bags (recycled)
8. mylar balloons from DS's b-day
9. free sample disposable razor
10. borrowed book returned to owner
11. lots of straws and plastic silverware
12. old set of dishes (given to a friend)
13. plastic outdoor table and chairs set
14. small pile of maternity clothes
15. small box of baby toys
16. sippy cups
17. little box misc junk
18. small box of baby accessories to sell
19. old hangers
20. doorway jumper
21 - 35. 15 pieces of 0-3 month baby clothing (to sell)
36 - 46. 11 newborn "gowns" (to sell)
47 - 64. 18 unneeded diaper inserts (sold)
65 - 72. 8 unneeded baby hand-me downs (to sell)
73. carseat bunting (sold)
74. fleece jacket with holes
75. OLD Gore-Tex rain jacket
76. DH's barn coat
77. 2 tiny stuffed animals
78. replaced blender with single-serving version to free up cupboard space
79. DH's old socks (about 20 pair!) that he trashed
80. serving plate returned to owner
81 - 85. another pile of baby clothes
86 - 94. 12-24 month baby clothes
95 - 100. 0-3 month baby clothes
101. 2 ruined paintbrushes
102. 2 pairs of jeans
103. a tee shirt from a musical I was in back in high school (it's only been 10 years! LOL)
104. old canning jar lids
105. old dog bones
106. lighbulb boxes (consolidated and trashed)
107. miscellaneous hardware from installing my blinds
108. nasty old rags
109. "paint-removing" sanding block that gouges wood
110. length of coaxial cable
111. telephone cable
112. lots of little odds and ends from back porch cabinets that aren't worth listing separately
113. hand-me-down dress that I've never worn
114. OLD but working electric razor that was handed down from my grandma to my mom to me (Goodwill pile)
115. Lots of boxes I was thinking I'd use to mail things. Right.
116. old dog toy
117. Video given to nephew
118. 2 old toothbrushes
119. fabric softener ball for the washer
120. backpaking fabric scraps
121. old ring
122. bead necklace that I haven't worn since 2003
123. Sauces, condiments, etc. from the fridge.
124. Baby bathtub (going to a family member)
125. Jeep baby walker
126. Baby sleepsack
127 - 129. Three new pairs of flame-resistant baby jammies (we don't wear that type)
130. 2 cans of baby "puff" snacks
131. ripped stuffsack (backpacking gear)
132. old backpacking food
133 - 135. backpacking water filters (sold on BPing forum)
136. pile of old Chinese sauces that just kept growing
137. old seed packets
138. bottle of hardened fabric softener
139 - 148. Still more baby shirts, overalls, pants, and rompers
149. Pile of baby bibs (at least 10!)
150. brand new baby shape sorter (we have 3 or 4 different types already)

I'm a little late, but I did it!

I cannot belive all the baby clothes we've accumulated.  I feel like every other week I'm amassing a pile to take to Goodwill or try to sell at Once Upon a Child.  And I still have enough for probably 2 kids.  Yeesh.  I'd like to have one more baby, so we're saving the clothing in case it's a boy.  If it's a girl... We're going to have an ebay or Once Upon a Child selling spree.  Most of the toys are pretty gender-neutral, so we can use them again regardless.

And I still even have some things I need to go through.  Like decorations.  I know we have things we'll never use, so I should probably quit storing them. 

I still struggle with the kitchen.  Part of the problem is that we do have a small kitchen.  But some things I just can't bear to part with.  We have a waffle iron that I bought at a rummage sale at least 5 years ago because it's exactly like the one my mom has.  I've never used it.  I have a pasta machine that I want to use but have yet to find the time.  And some items, like vases, mixing bowls (I have 10... But 7 can double as serving dishes too), and storage containers seem to be too useful to live without.  I'm working on paring down, though.  There are also items I use seasonally that should probably go live in the basement, like the food mill, apple peeler/corer/slicer, and canning utensils.

Sometimes I feel like I'll never get there...

Simplicity is a journey, not a destination!


London Rug Cleaning said...

Now you are clutter free you should go shopping and buy some more stuff, hey the sales are on go go go...

lisa at fixityourself.com said...

Hi there - wanted to let you know that I mentioned this post on my blog last week: www.fixityourself.com. Also, we are running a contest in which readers can tell us about their favorite blogs and you've been mentioned a few times! Couldn't find any way to contact other than a comment - so I hope this is OK. Your blog is wonderful.