It seems to have snowed...

 ...about 3 feet!  The South Bend Airport reported a total snowfall of 38" since Friday night.  Since I work out in the rural areas, I was given a four-wheel drive TrailBlazer to drive at work yesterday.  It was great to just cruise around the county looking at all the beautiful snow.  I only had 3 calls, all crashes, but nobody was hurt.  Well, except a deer, but a friend of mine is turning her into steaks, roasts, and burger, which he offered to share with us.  Sweet!

Our house projects have come to a bit of a standstill this winter.  The "new" door is at the carpenter's house getting plugged and redrilled for its hardware.  I'm hoping it will be returning home by the end of the month.  We also plan to entirely empty the utility side of the basement, build new shelves for my food storage, and examine and organize every bin and box.  I think we'll end up getting rid of quite a bit, and the utility area should be much neater. 

Also ahead on the radar is that the aforementioned carpenter is going to recreate our missing door and window headers.  We need new ones for the closets we re-made in the two bedrooms, plus we have doors that need to be hung.  I was going to have Shayne do it, but since door hanging is more of an art than a science, I think I'll leave it to a pro.

I know I've been saying it since we bought this house, but I really think we're going to get to the bathroom this year.  We've had too many water issues, and I'm worried about letting them go any longer.  Since by March we will be totally debt-free except for the house (joy!), we're going to really concentrate on saving our money.  Toss in our tax refund money, and we will hopefully be good to go around May.  I'm so nervous about this project that even writing about it gives me the jitters.  I want it to be perfect, and I'm worried about being unhappy with the final outcome.  I have good people lined up for everything but the plumbing, which will be fairly minor since we're only moving the sink.  We might take the opportunity to run PEX upstairs as well.  Still thinking on that one...  At least we have a bit of time to try to hash it all out.  For the thousandth time.

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