We don't meet with the realtor til tomorrow, but I already know that the 19 acre property isn't meant to be.  I went to walk around it again a few days ago, and after I left, I just got this feeling...  And I knew we should wait.  So we will.  But we're keeping our appointment anyways, since we want to talk with the realtor in person about exactly what we're looking for.  As far as I know there's nothing on the market right now that matches it.  Which is good, since we're obviously not ready to move.  Or rather, we are, but the house isn't...

But we'll be at least one step closer by the end of the week!  The floor sanders come on Thursday, so I should be done shellacking the upstairs by Sunday or Monday.  It's going to be a huge mess with all of the upstairs furniture sitting in the living room and dining room.  I think we're going to have to move in with my mom for a few days, since there won't be any room at all downstairs.  That unfortunately means I can only apply one coat of shellac per day (otherwise I'd be driving back and forth way too much), but each coat will have plenty of time to dry. 

I'm not looking forward to this, but at least we'll be done with the major work upstairs.  One step closer...!

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