Backyard chickens have arrived!

My homestead has farm animals!!  I finally got the call from the feed store yesterday morning.  My chicks were supposed to be in Monday afternoon, but there was some kind of delay in shipping.  But at 10:30 am, I drove off to the feed store and returned with a little peeping box.  I got 4 chicks: 2 Australorps, 1 buff Orpington, and 1 gold-laced Wyandotte.  This is Shayne holding one of the Australorps:
So far, everything is going well.  They're living in our old recycling bin in our dining room.  We have a 250 watt heat bulb about 3 feet up to keep them warm.  The only other things they need are pine shavings for litter, chick starter, and water.  They've been sleeping a lot, but that's normal since they're only 2 days old.  I've been trying to handle them often so that they get used to me.  Once they're old enough, I'll give them little chick treats (like bugs or vegetables), but that won't be for a few weeks yet.  Once they start to get some real feathers, we'll move them out to the (currently unfinished) coop.  More on that later... 

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Arika said...

cute! :) that's so exciting!