This house is making me crazy.  Seriously.

I love it so much I could sometimes cry, but I'm dying to own a farm.  I want chickens and goats.  I want a barn.  I want to raise Ethan away from bars, and train tracks, and blaring radios.

I know that tonight I'll go home, walk in the house, and feel so comfy-cozy that I don't ever want to leave.  But right now, sitting out in the middle of nowhere and looking at a house and 19 acres that's for sale (and conveniently has a small barn, a mini-barn/goat shed, and lots of mature trees...  Plus lots of pasture with a little woods.  Plenty of room to dig a pond.  And did I mention that we can afford it?)...  Ugh. 

I'm not really sure how this happened to me.  I had a normal urban/suburban upbringing.  Of course I was obsessed with pioneers, native Americans, and such, but nothing was there to make anyone think that someday I'd have chickens living in my dining room and dreams of maybe raising grass-fed beef and pastured poultry and eggs.

And so now the fact that the house isn't done and ready to sell is making me nuts.  I keep thinking of all the time I wasted before we had Ethan, since now it's so hard to get anything done.  I suppose we're pretty close.  If I'm lucky, maybe we can get it done by fall, then start thinking about moving on.  There is a lot left to do, but it's all little things that can be done in baby steps (thankfully).  Just brainstorming, here's what I come up with (in no particular order):
  1. Drywall kitchen ceiling
  2. Remove kitchen wallpaper
  3. Paint kitchen
  4. Lay some kind of new floor in kitchen and back mudroom/porch
  5. Frame in kitchen doorway
  6. Drywall new kitchen doorway wall
  7. Refinish dining room floor
  8. Shellac stairway and its trim
  9. Replace upstairs trim
  10. Refinish upstairs floor
  11. Remove bathroom wallpaper
  12. Repaint bathroom
  13. Replace basement carpet
And maybe those 19 acres will still be there waiting...  But if they're not, at least we'll be ready when the right property DOES come along.

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