Still no house progress...

Baby + working full time = nothing gets done

There's so much that I want to do, I just don't have time.  It's gotten a little easier as Ethan's gotten older (I can sit him on a blanket outside and do 30 minutes of yard work), but if I can't do it in 30 minute increments, it ain't happening.  Like the floor sanding.  We were going to do it a month ago.  You can see how well that worked out...  I'm going to be taking some time off at the end of the month.  Floor sanding will happen then.  I hope.

One thing we did accomplish is paying off our car!  Yay!  Having Ethan means that we're not following the Dave Ramsey plan to the letter; I'm not comfortable only having $1000 in the bank, just in case something happens with the baby and I can't work for a while.  So even though we had enough to pay off the car before our tax refund came in, I just wasn't able to take the money out.  But once we had our tax money, the car got paid off!  Now I just have one student loan left.  And again, we have enough money in the bank to pay it off, but I just can't seem to write the check.  But that's okay.  Within 6 months it'll be gone, and we'll be debt-free except for the house.  [Picture me doing a happy dance here]

The other progress has been the chickens.  I've wanted chickens for a few years, so just getting the chicks was a huge step.  Even better is that Shayne has really warmed up to the idea.  That's why I got chicks instead of adult hens.  With cute little babies in the dining room, he's been picking each of them up at least once every day.  I figured he couldn't resist their cute fluffiness, and I was right.  I'm such an evil, scheming wife...  :)

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