More chicken coop progress

Shayne was busy outside today, and he got 3 walls of the chicken house sided.  The remaining "wall" will actually be double doors (to facilitate cleaning).  Tomorrow he's going to work on that, plus building a door to the coop itself.  Once those are done all that's left is to install the trim, add the windows (which will be hinged for ventilation), paint, and staple up the hardware cloth.

Having chickens in the house has been something of an adventure.  They're not smelly, but they do cheep constantly.  And the cheeping drives Ares nuts.  He's always over by the "brooder", peeking his head over the baby gate to see what's going on.  We've held chicks near him, and he either sniffs them violently, licks them, or tries to bite off their head.  We'll need to do some serious doggy training.  And thankfully we plan to build a chicken tractor.

The girls are growing like crazy.  In the past 10 days, they've gone from little balls of fluff to half-feathered.  They've grown wing and tail feathers, and they're starting to get body feathers as well.  They're also much more curious, noisy, and skittish.  At first I could just reach in and grab one without much fuss.  Now it's like a game of keep-away.  I'll get some grit soon so that I can start feeding them treats.  Hopefully they're like me more if they associate me with good food!

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