Then again, maybe not

So much for a backpacking trip... Flooding, 90°+ temps, and humidity down south; severe thunderstorms and tornado watches up north. I give up. Maybe God is trying to tell me to work on my house.

So, now that I have a full 4 days of shitty weather before I go back to work, I suppose I'll put them to good use working inside the house. My goal is to get rid of the office wallpaper once and for all. There's not much left, so it's not that huge of a project. Maybe 4 hours of work. I'll also take off the few pieces of woodwork and take them to the stripper. I was considering repainting it, but I think I'd rather just refinish it and be done. I wonder how long we can live without a bathroom door before we go nuts? I'm thinking we'll temporarily move the ghetto curtain (the curtain we hang between the back porch/laundry and the kitchen to prevent heat or a/c loss out the uninsulated porch). Next up will be priming the walls so that the mud will stick to them.

And I think I can do this all in 4 days.

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Jennifer said...

We went 3 months without a bathroom door... but hten again we don't have any kids yet and the dogs are trained to never step foot in the bathroom.

Sorry to hear about the trip... isn't the weather WEIRD this year?