New Year's Resolutions: Halfway Point

Well, half of 2008 is gone (yikes!), and I'm wondering if I'll ever accomplish any goals I set for myself. Here are my house resolutions:
  1. Finish office, master bedroom, and little front bedroom.
  2. Find and install a "new" front door
  3. Finish the stairway

Here is what I've accomplished:

  1. Last pieces of paneling removed from office, little front bedroom (nursery!) done except for floor refinishing.
  2. New front door found! Carpenter AWOL.
  3. I've vacuumed the stairway several times and removed 1 nail. No progress.
  4. New laminate floor in the kitchen after ripping out the unsanitary carpet.
  5. Gotten rid of 90% of unnecessary junk in the house. I'm pretty proud of this one :)
  6. Begun restoration of 1941 Chambers stove. I've thoroughly cleaned everything and replaced the service cabinet door and floor, plus gotten the parts for natural gas conversion. I'm waiting for hubby to remove 5 stripped screws from the chrome top. Once that's done, we can send it to be rechromed, and then we're ready for reassembly!
  7. Edged the flowerbed with brick pavers.
  8. Agonized over how little I accomplish.

On the personal goals:

  1. Create a vegetable garden and grow carrots, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and maybe broccoli.
  2. Learn to can my own veggies, sauces, and meats.
  3. Increase our food storage to a 3 month supply.
  4. Take at least 6 backpacking/camping trips (to keep my sanity)

And my progress:

  1. Veggie garden created and planted. Everything but peas eaten by moles and rabbits...
  2. No canning.
  3. Begun adding to our food storage, but I'd still say that we only have maybe a month's worth. It doesn't help that food is so freakin' expensive right now.
  4. No camping due to bad weather on my days off. I'm supposed to go this weekend, but of course, thunderstorms are predicted. I did take one hiking trip in February, but I stayed in a hotel overnight and not my tent.
  5. Gained 5 lbs. *sob*

So that's my year so far. I guess it's not too bad, but I always feel that I don't accomplish enough. At least the living room is finished, though, so I can look at it and know what I'm capable of. That room is my refuge and my inspiration. Just sitting in it makes me feel happy. Someday, I hope I'll feel that way in every room of this house.

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Jennifer said...

Aack! Half of the year is gone? Where did it GO?