The joy of nakedness

My office walls are naked! They're ugly, cracked, and a horrible mottled turquoise, but I think they're glorious. See what renovating an old house does to you? Most people would look at these walls and run away screaming. They really are hideous, but they reperesent another battle won in the war against the wallpaper. Just the dining room is left.

Because I'm a geek, I actually did some figuring to estimate how much wallpaper I've stripped off the walls so far. The living room had 4 layers, the stairway had 1, the upstairs hall had 4, and two of the office walls had 2, while the other two walls had 5.Some of the paneling had wallpaper over it as well, but I didn't count that, since I just ripped off the paneling without stripping the wallpaper. My estimation was 2880 square feet, which is a little over twice the size of the house. What a waste of trees...

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