Planning ahead and lack of patience

I'm great at planning ahead. I can come up with all sorts of plans and ideas, it's the execution of the plans where I get hung up. I procrastinate. I get impatient and start another project before I finish the first. I spend money on stop-gap measures instead of saving for the big overhaul. Granted, some things need a temporary fix. The kitchen floor. The office carpet. The dining room walls (I never blogged about that... Hmmm. Well, they're now a warm tan instead of red and yellow. Still paneling, but an improvement).

After realizing that there's a good possibility we'll need to rip out the kitchen ceiling when we move the bathroom plumbing, we decided that it's probably a good idea to renovate the bathroom first. I'm now having to restrain myself from painting the kitchen cabinets and buy new hardware for them, since they're so fugly. Shayne won't let me, thank God, but I'm driving myself nuts... But, since I like to buy things for the house, I've decided it's a good idea to start buying materials for the bathroom bit by bit. This way I won't have to actually save the money for as long as it takes, so there's less chance of it being appropriated for something else. Plus, I'll feel like I'm accomplishing something just by buying faucets, towel racks, grout, cement board, and boxes of tile.

The bathroom is a good idea for another reason: it's a feel-good measure. Once it's done, the upstairs will be a sanctuary from the rest of the restovation mess. Sort of an oasis above the rest of the chaos.

It's still a ways off, but I already can't wait. I've been thinking about the bathroom since before we even moved into the house...

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C&C said...

I know exactly how you feel! I get frustrated waiting on the big picture, so I start smaller projects in the mean time. I start one, see how it looks and Oh, ok, that will work out just fine, so I'll start on another and finish the first one later. It also seems that when there is renovation in progress, it makes it really hard to focus on anything else or get anything done. We're at that point now also. Good luck, hang in there, and as we tell ourselves "it will all be worth it".