What made this sound like a good idea??

Ugh.  Pregnancy and home renovation do NOT go well together.  I have days where I seriously wonder how the human race managed to propagate so well.  I feel like I can't get anything done, since it either involves fumes (bad for baby), heavy lifting (not allowed), or lots of bending (belly gets in the way).  Or I'm just to damned tired/sore/crabby.  But if I don't set aside this weekend as stairway sanding time it'll never, ever get done.  Other unfinished projects include stripping the upstairs door frames, sanding the last few pieces of trim, and shellacking the stripped doors.  We decided to wait on sanding the floors for now, since we really don't want to have them get messed up accidentally.  Though the risk is small, it isn't one I'm willing to take.  And the nursery floor, although not perfect, still looks presentable.  If we have to, we can get away with not refinishing until after the baby is born.  But I want it all finished, if possible.  Who knows when we'd be able to work on the house with a new baby in the picture?  I may have 3 months off of work, but I doubt I'll be spending it stripping and painting.

It also doesn't help that summer is obviously the primary time for fresh produce.  Yesterday my mom and I went to go pick blueberries, and I brought home just under 10 lbs (7 quarts).  Thankfully, all I had to do was toss them into the freezer.  Saturday usually means at least a couple of hours in the kitchen to cook and/or take care of whatever produce I'm storing.  When peppers, tomatoes, corn, and peaches come in, I'll be a busy girl.

And the yard...  There's so much I want to do, but it just isn't going to happen.  The "garden" - really a big patch of weeds - behind the parking pad is a mess.  We want to make a patio there, but can't spend the money right now for paving stones.  I'm considering pulling all the weeds (or hiring the neighbor's son to do it), then dumping a load of mulch on it ($4 a yard from the city organic resources department).  Then at least when we have the time, money, and inclination to make our patio, we'll be part way there.  And the yard won't look quite so trashy either.  Nothing says class like a big patch of waist-high weeds...

And my vintage stove project...  My beautiful Chambers is sitting in pieces in the garage.  I'd really hate to have it out there for another winter.  But the top needs re-chromed before I can even start to put it back together.  Maybe if/when we scrape together some money that doesn't need to go into savings, I'll splurge for that.

And so the list never ends...  :)  Can I win the lottery now??


Anonymous said...

Can't wait till the stve is finished.

Jessie said...

I had a big breakdown last year while 7 months pregnant when I put my foot thru the subfloor when we redid our kitchen. Hang in there! Trust me, its easier to do it now- once the baby comes, you won't want to do anything for a long time!