My first harvest

This afternoon, I harvested my first-ever homegrown crop: broccoli!!
There are actually 4 heads, but the other one was already chopped up and in the pot.  The heads were each about 7-8" in diameter, which I thought was a very good size.  I had contemplated cutting them a few days ago, but now I'm glad I waited.  They seem to have grown a lot in such a short time, maybe because of the recent rain.  I was a little disappointed that it didn't taste better than store-bought broccoli, but I suppose it's something that they were so much bigger.  At least it didn't taste worse!
I'm really happy that it grew without any pesticides or fertilizers.  I used organic manure compost and organic potting soil in my raised beds, then put grass clippings on top to keep the weeds out.  It seems to have worked well.
It was very fulfilling to eat something for dinner that I had grown myself.  I think this homesteading stuff could get addictive...!

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Shane and Casey said...

*stops trying to eat his screen for a second to type this* Those look delicious. I know the feeling about eating home grown food. Every morning for the last week, my wife, myself, and our two year old son go out back to a raspberry bush and get a morning snack. Then, late in the day, we go for seconds. Seeing this, I might need to plant broccoli and, of course, cauliflower. I'm hungry now :)