Wasting time...

I'm waiting for Shayne to get up so I can work on the stairway.  Unfortunately I'm also looking at vintage-ish kitchen remodels.  *sigh*

Since we've realize we're not going to live in this house forever, we've been having some huge renovation dilemmas.  Like, how far do we take our dreams for this house?  We've pretty much scrapped the bathroom ideas since any bathtub I want would mean moving plumbing around.  I'm fine with that.  But the kitchen... is ugly.  And we absoloutely have to do something to it before we sell the house.  But how much "something"??

The el-cheapo laminate floor we installed last summer really should be replaced before we sell.  $125 was a great temporary fix, but it's really cheap.  And looks it.  I've dinged up a few spots by dropping large items, and I don't think a crappy floor would be a great selling point.  So the floor is kind of non-negotiable.  But what do we do?  Lay a subfloor over the scary linoleum, then some kind of linoleum?  Take out the base cabinets, get rid of the scary linoleum, and refinish the original hardwood?

And if we take out the cabinets, do we "replace" them with the originals out in the garage?  Paint the current dark wood to brighten up the room?  Just buy new hardware to spruce them up? 

What about my beautiful Chambers stove?  At 37" wide, it's not going to fit a standard opening.  And I so want to start cooking on it...

Ugh.  I'd probably feel better about it if I didn't cook quite so much.  For the past 2 or 3 months, it almost feels like I've been living in the kitchen.  And the more I'm in there, the more I hate it!

Oh well...  At least now it's super-clean and organized.  Yay for nesting!  I have at least 6 months before I have to even start thinking about what to do to improve that God-awful room.

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