Office electrical finished!!

Finally!  Our electrician (and her electrician boyfriend) showed up last night as planned and knocked out the rest of the electrical work in the office.  We now have a reinforced box for the ceiling fan, and the knob and tube was replaced with romex and re-routed.  Also, she fixed the two outlets in the living room that had stopped working after we removed them to refinish the woodwork.  The only downside is that she knocked out a decent chunk of virgin plaster from inside the closet.  If it had been on the bedroom side, I'd be pissed.  As it is I'm just kind of miffed.  Lesson learned: if your tradespeople aren't historically minded, watch them closely and ask them to discuss with you before cutting into walls or otherwise altering anything.  Sounds like a "duh", but obviously I wasn't really thinking about it...

The best part is that we can start moving forward on the closets now.  Since we're done working inside the walls, our skimcoat guy can now finish fixing the walls (yay!!).  He'll be here tomorrow, and we'll have a better time table then, but our tentative plan is to rent the floor sander this weekend or maybe a few days after.  Even if the walls aren't completely done, we can use canvas dropcloths to protect the floor until we're ready to shellac it.  I guess we'll just see how it goes, but at least we're getting to the homestretch.

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Josh said...

Hooray for completed electrical work! My electricians start work today.