Scheduling conflicts

With both Shayne and I working different shifts, it makes it really difficult to get a two-person job completed.  Like skimcoating.  Our next day off together is sometime next week, and I'm bound and determined to at least start the job.  Well, I guess technically I have already started it.  I've put fiberglass mesh tape along all the big cracks.  So...  yeah.  Lots of progress there.  But I guess it is coming along.  And once we've figured out this skimcoating thing, I might feel comfortable doing it myself.  But until then, I'm going to be a weenie and wait until I have the proper moral support (and a big, tall guy who is better at patching holes than I am).

Another downside of the opposing schedules is that I can't do anything noisy (like sanding) during the day, since Shayne is sleeping.  I've considered working out of order and sanding the nursery floor while I wait for other projects to fall into place, but that can't really happen either.  And now my mom has stolen my zipwall, dremel sander, and orbital sander, so I can't even work on the stairs on days that Shayne works and I'm off(not that I want to).

So...  Stay tuned.  Maybe eventually we'll get something done.

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Anonymous said...

No excuses now . . . you have all the stuff back!