Moving forward

Because of our personal tragedy, I have the next 6 days off of work.  And as much as feel like sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, I need to keep busy.  Hence, a "new" project.

We're planning on trying to get pregnant again once we've been cleared by the doctor, but I'd like to wait at least until after Christmas.  And there are a few things on the house that I'd like to complete so we don't feel so rushed for time the next time around.  Knowing you only have 9 months to complete some projects really makes a difference...  And, knowing the first 3 months will be hormonal agony gives only 6 months of real working time.  Eesh.  I want the upstairs, minus the bathroom (although that is a possibility as well), to be complete before I get pregnant again.

We're really going to push ahead with work on the office.  I took all the upstairs doors off the hinges last Thursday and took them to the Strip Shoppe.  He said they should be done by the middle of this week.  When I go to pick up the doors, I'll take him the office woodwork.  And, once the woodwork is off (by tomorrow afternoon, I hope), I'm going to tackle skimcoating the walls and ceiling.

I bought a Magic Trowel several months ago, thinking to try skimcoating, but talked myself out of it.  The folks at OldHouseWeb have talked me back into it.  I'll post my impressions on this "wonderful" tool once I actually work with it.

But, if all goes well, I'll have nice, new, paintable walls in the office by the end of the week!!

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