The home appraiser cometh...

...And our house is a pit of unfiinshed projects.  We have stairs that aren't yet nailed down, and a dropcloth covering the bottom run of stairs in their semi-sanded state; a kitchen with no baseboard trim to cover the edges of the laminate floor; a nursery that is a catch-all room with no current purpose or organization; an office with bare and cracked plaster walls, a hole for the "new" closet door with exposed knob and tube wiring dangling in the opening, and unsanded floors with padding still stuck in places; a hallway with no woodwork, adhesive-covered floorboards, and two different colors of paint; and not a single door in the upstairs.


The office is beyond help.  I'm just going to accept that and move on.  All I can do is organize the chaos a little bit.

All the doors need to be stained and rehung.  Thankfully, they're out in the garage waiting for me.

I've got to paint the ceiling in the the hall.  Two different colors is unacceptable.  How did I live with it for this long?!  The floor will just have to stay nasty.

Must nail down stairs.  I don't need a lawsuit.  Dropcloth on bottom portion stays.  Not enough time to finish sanding and refinish the whole thing...

The kitchen...  I'll have to see if Shayne can ru by Lowes and pick up a transition piece at least to cover the fraying carpet edge leading into the mudroom.  I'm not too worried about the baseboards, since most are covered by another object.

I knew this was coming, but we've been so overwhelmed by other life happenings that we haven't had time or energy to get things moving.  Yikes...

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Jenny Kerr said...

Ours recently came for the home loan. We were scared of what he'd say. As much as we love it, it's still not new construction styrofoam cheapness that (obviously from the prices of those crap boxes) appraisers LOVE. Like I said we were sweating bullets. The loan officer said it had to appraise for at least 80% of the loan value. It took WEEKS and when she finally called back she said it appraised for over twice what we paid for it. I couldn't believe it! What a relief! The appraiser told her it looks like no one has ever been in the house it's in such good shape.

You guys will do fine, anyone who can't SEE there is work being done and improvements being made is just a big meanie anyway.