I seem have caught a case of house bulemia recently. All of the clutter and chaos is just driving me mad. I've been going into too many exceptionally disgusting homes at work lately, and it's actually made me feel worse about ours. Kind of backwards, I know. After looking at rooms with aisles through the clutter and kitchens overflowing with dirty dishes, you'd think I'd feel pretty damn good about our slight organizational impairment. After all, we still have a sanitary home!

I think my nesting instict is coming into play here also. When (if??) I do get pregnant, I want to have a clean, finished home by the time our child is old enough to start remembering it. I want to spend my days off playing, not working on house projects. I know not everything will be done in 3 years, like the back porch addition, but I'd like for the main rooms to be clean, safe, and at least 90% finished.

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet in preparation for its walling off and relocation. I sorted through my clothes and organized everything in a way that makes sense. When I move into the new closet, I absoloutely have to get something to organize my shoes. I probably have less than half as many pairs as the average woman, and 2 pairs are for hiking and 2 are work boots, but I still have enough that they seem to be taking over the closet floor.

Today I got rid of 2 boxes of books. That may not seem like a hige accomplishment, but for me, it is. I love books. LOVE books. If it's a series or book I really enjoy, I'll read it over and over. My favorite series, I've just about read into pieces. So the fact that I managed to give some of my precious books away is real progress. I still have a Rubbermaid container full of books sitting on the dining room floor, waiting until the day (soon??) that we put a bookshelf in the finished office. But the rest of them are on shelves and look pretty decent. For my next trick, I need to clear off the tall particleboard-and-laminate bookshelf in the dining room. When the books move into the office, I want a real wood shelf, even if it's from Target instead of Stickley.