Shayne was reading on of my pregnancy books and has decided that I'm "nesting". Kind of funny, since I'm not even pregnant yet, but it's probably true. In the past few months, my focus has shifted to providing an ideal envoronment for the baby we'll be creating. Mostly, that means me. I want to be as chemical-free and natural as I can be to provide a safe growing environment for our child. I've also been doing a lot of thinking about what type of world and home I want to raise a child in. Some days I almost feel like I've gone off the deep end... :)

I've also been feeling pressure to get the upstairs of the house finished. I know that once I'm pregnant, I shouldn't work on anything that might involve lead paint or strange fumes, which means about 9 months off of house work... If I can get the office walls skimcoated and the upstairs floors refinished before cold weather sets in, I'll be thrilled. I might even jump ahead of myself and refinish the nursery floors before the others, just so that they're done and the room has a chance to air out well before baby arrives.

Now, if I could just find a decent drywaller to skimcoat the walls for me! I'm actually considering doing it myself out of a lack of options...

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