Another small feat of organization

Today I tackled the "back porch". Somehow, we can't seem to call it anything else, even though it's been enclosed for years, possibly originally. It's a small utility room that was tacked onto the back of the house. It has minimal insulation, no foundation, and the last bit of carpet in the whole house. It's home to a half bath, the washer and dryer, and quite a few storage cabinets. All of this in a 7' by 9' space. Sometime in the future we plan on knocking it down and rebuilding a new addition across the back of the house. This is in the 10 year (at least!) plan.

I didn't do much purging, but I did organize all of the cabinets out there, plus the one under the kitchen sink. The back porch cabinets have become something of a catch-all. Whatever project we're currently working on, the supplies seem to end up there. It's also home to cleaning supplies, pet items, and cases of soda. At least now everything is accessible, clean, and organized. And I moved the small toolbox up there so I don't have to run to the basement every time I need a screwdriver or hammer. No huge accomplishment, but it'll make life easier.

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Jennifer said...

Organization is good! Sounds like you got a lot done.