Motivated - in all the wrong directions

Now that the office is pretty much prepped and waiting for skimcoating, I've been anxious to start on something new. The stairway still needs to be finished, but I'd honestly rather do anything but sand stair treads, even though the hard part (the spindles and railing) is finished. As I wandered through the house yesterday, I contemplated tearing down the paneling in the dining room. Or ripping up the laminate floor. The POs said that pine floor underneath is in good shape, but needs to be patched where some old, large heat registers used to be. I get so tired of looking at the laminate... And then I remembered that two rooms torn up is Shayne's limit, and in the interest of preserving our marriage, I left the dining room alone. For now.

I went outside and took out some of my pent-up aggression on the "veggie garden". It was honestly more of a crabgrass jungle. Two hours later it was weed-free and ready to be turned into a patio. Of course a couple of coworkers saw me outside working and stopped by to say hi. Why doesn't anyone ever come over when I've just stepped out of the shower? Instead, I was unshowered, sweaty, probably smelly, and covered in dirt from my elbows and knees down. Sigh.

In my defense, I did finally do some work onthe stairs. And this morning, I got up and covered the little cove molding pieces in Citristrip. The rest Shayne and I can just sand. If I don't find something else to distract me first...

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