Please kick me in the a$$!

A couple of weeks ago we found the perfect door/window headers at the local ReStore. They match our originals perfectly, and they are in great shape. They need to be stripped (doesn't everything??), but for $7 each, who cares? I'm going to save myself the hassle and take them with the next batch of stuff to go to the wonderful wood stripper. I'm planning on taking all the upstairs doors (3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 closet), some baseboards and cap, and the window trim. If I'm lucky, it'll come in under $200, but it's much better than doing it myself at this point. I'm so sick of stripping paint I could scream. Thankfully, this should be the only trip for the upstairs, and then we just have the dining room to go. Holy crap, the end of wood refinishing is in sight!!

Since we got rid of most of the junk clogging the office last week, I'm starting to gear up to finish the wallpaper removal and make the final push to finishing the upstairs. Once I get off my dead ass (okay, so not completely... I've been busy outside working on the yard and garden, since the weather's been nice), the wallpaper should be gone in a matter of hours. There isn't much left, just a sort of ring around the top of the room where I couldn't reach without a ladder or chair. Then we'll expand the original closet door to double its width to make the closet accessible, which might cost $75 in materials. Skimcoating the walls and filling in the hall closet door opening with drywall will be hired out to a friend and cost maybe $200. The only other costs will be new paint and the floor sander rental. Maybe I could rent a cheerleader while i'm at it, since staying motivated seems to be my biggest challenge.

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I can do that! You know who!!!