Idea Files: Tumbled block patio and wall

Last night Shayne and I made a pilgrimage to Menards. I generally hate going to big box stores, but this time it resulted in an epiphany. We were a few edger bricks short (more about that in another entry), so the sole purpose of our visit was to get 5 bricks and leave without buying anything else. We go tthe 5 bricks, but then I wandered off. Into patio heaven.

In the middle of the inside of the store, they had set up functional displays of block and brick patios with various types of walls around them. And they were goregous! A tumbled brick patio with a block wall around the edge would be perfect in the area occupied by my failed veggie garden.

I couldn't find any pictures online that showed exactly what I want, but this one's close:
montanaraven's garden in progressThe brick pavers go on sale every so often for $0.25 each, so the cost for a 11' by 22' patio is very reasonable (under $300). The wall will be about $150-$200, depending on what type of block we decide on. I know what we're buying with next year's tax refund!

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Jennifer said...

That will look nice! I like patio areas... easy upkeep, nice to sit on!