Foundation woes

Shayne had a contractor friend stop by to talk about possibly expanding the mudroom/laundry room/back porch the length of the house. He confirmed what I had suspected: the back porch has no foundation. It just sits on wooden posts, which have since been enclosed with plywood and stuccoed over. This explains why the porch has sunk away from the house and the floor in there tilts at a crazy angle. The good news is that it would only cost $20,000 to tear it off, pour a new foundation, and build a new mudroom! That was sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell...

Seriously, though, the new foundation for an addition might only be about $3000, and we could just have someone frame it and build a roof. We can handle it from there, which would save us a TON of money.

Regardless, I can see my kitchen remodel being pushed WAY back... The porch is a very awkward space, which just doesn't do what we need it to. I'm actually considering moving the laundry room to the basement temporarily, just to see if it works for us to have it down there. It would free up a ton of room on the porch, and would allow us to have a pantry and make the half bath bigger without adding on. We'd still need to do something about the insulation, though.

Just food for thought, since I really need to obssess about the house more than I already do...

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