Thanks, George!

Let me first say that George Bush is not my favorite person. I admire that he is a man of his convictions, and he will stick with them even when they become unpopular. I agree that something needed to be done about Saddam Hussein. But I think he acts without a lot of forthought or clear idea how his policies will affect our contry in the long run (which may just mean he has terrible advisors...). I think that this idea of giving everyone $600 to "stimulate" the economy is ridiculous. The problems are much deeper than people not having enough money to spend. Americans cannot and should not try to spend their way out of a crisis.

That said, I'm not really complainng that he's giving us $1200. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

That very nice $1200 rebate will buy about 1/2 of our cabinet project. We went to speak with the cabinet man last week, and we were very impressed with what we saw. Right in the center of his workshop was a beautiful, Craftsman-style island with inset doors and a wood countertop. Of course, the thing was the size of our entire kitchen, but we both fell in love. And we realized how much we really want frame-and-panel inset doors. The cabinet man was very patient with our indecision, telling us that a whole kitchen of those cabinets would run about $4500. Not bad, really, but WAY out of our price range. But what about just replacing the doors on the existing cabinets? That brought us down to a reasonable $2400.. It's still more than I wanted to spend, but it will give us the look we both adore, plus add more charm and character to our tiny little kitchen. It will look like Crown Point, without the huge price tag!

So, needless to say, we'll be pinching our pennies until we've saved enough for the transformation.

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Jennifer said...

Refacing's a good option... I wish we had had decent cabinets to reface! It will look good, and be worth it.