More vintage stove dreaming

Ok. So I'm obsessed. Since yesterday I've been looking over websites and photos of stove restorations, fueled in part by the positive and encouraging comments I got on yesterady's post. And I decided that I was still really intimidated. But aside from that, I still really loved the idea of a vintage stove in my vintage kitchen. It would just add so much character that my plain-jane cabinets just might not provide.

I decided that a working stove, in good cosmetic shape, is what I needed to find. I talked the idea over with Shayne, and he was agreeable. To him, a stove is a stove. If it makes fire to heat up food, he's happy. Guys have life so easy.

After much browsing of craigslist and ebay, I found a stove. A cleaned up, unrestored, fully-working-with-some-parts-replaced stove. A 1941 B with high backsplash, timer, and lights. And it's affordable. Ain't she pretty?

I'm in contact with the seller, and I'll know soon what still needs to be done to bring this stove back to its original glory. I'm sure reporcelain of the burners and rechroming the top are in its future. It also needs an oven safety valve. But all of those are things that can be hired out for a reasonable cost. And I can do it bit-by-bit as we have the time and money (aside from the safety valve. That happens before we install the stove in the house.)

It kind of feels like everything for the kitchen is just falling together...