Contemplating restoring a vintage stove

(Alternate title: I Must Be Nuts)

Ever since I saw a vintage Chambers range on ebay a few weeks ago, I've been wondering exactly how much work and hassle it would be to restore one. The answer appears to be LOTS. I'm intimidated just from looking at pictures of other people's restorations. For one thing, I know nothing about appliances. I walk into the store, find a pretty one, and say, "I'll take it!" Then some nice people deliver it and hook it up. I just hand over the money and look proud, like I did something.

Stove restoration is a completely different beast. Unlike refinishing woodwork and most other old house restoration projects, I could blow myself up if I do it wrong. No big deal... Plus, there are so many pieces and parts and other thingamabobs I've never seen before. I have visions of a stove-in-pieces sitting in our garage for years and years.

But, a fully restored Chambers costs upwards of $5000. I don't plan on spending that much TOTAL on the kitchen, let alone for one appliance.

Realistically, I think the stove is out of my league, especially right now. We have plenty of other projects on our plate. I want one pretty badly, but it's not worth the hassle right now.

But I can dream, right?


Kelli said...

Who knows? Maybe you can do a portion of the restoration and then hire someone to do the rest. You'll save money in the long run the more you can do yourself. I'm actually excited to see what you come up with!

Debbie said...

Be diligent and keeping watching for a stove in good condition and you can restore various parts as you go along. I own two Chambers and I bought both because they were in great condition. One is a White 60C, it was only $500.00 with original accessories and paper work. It was in fabulous condition and didn't really need any work at all just a basic cleaning. I found it on Craigslist and was the first one to look at it. Good luck!

debbie said...

Also be sure to check out www.chamberstoves.net and


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Jennifer said...

A vintage stove would be so cool! Keep an eye out for an unrestored one that just needs cosmetic or cleaning work.

ben said...

trying to find vintage stove parts isn't easy. read about our saga here http://prairierosehouse.blogspot.com/search/label/stove