Is this a good price for cabinets??

I've made a few calls to local cabinet makers, and I've had an extensive correspondance with one out of southwest Michigan (if we decide to work with him, I'll provide all relevant info). He's said he can replicate our original cabinets and is willing to work to tie in to the originals as well. Using paint-grade poplar plywood with solid doors he's quoting about $1600 without installation for 5 cabinets. Here is an illustration of the new cabinets. The originals are in gray, the new ones are white.

Also, if anyone has any comments on the layout, I'd be happy to hear them. The fridge will eventually be replaced with a counter-depth model. Unfortunately there's nowhere good to put it that won't make a tunnel of sorts. We're also considering recessing it between the studs, since the wall isn't load-bearing. As it stands, there's ~28" between the corner of the fridge and the chimney bump-out. The bump-out will be decreased by 2" when we remove the framing over the chimney and repair the plaster.

The dishwasher will be a 18" model, since I don't think a 24" will properly fit the opening. We'll see how it goes.

The 15" cabinet next to the sink will extend all the way back and will be fitted with some sort of sliding shelf mechanism to utilize the space.

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