Happy Anniversary!

As of tomorrow, we'll have lived in the house for 1 year. We've owned it for a year and 1 month now, but we couldn't move in until August 24, 2005. Happy house anniversary to us!

Here is what we've accomplished in our first year:
  1. Removed the ugly shower door and replaced it with a rod and curtain
  2. Painted the basement
  3. Removed the carpet, wallpaper, and ceiling tiles from the living room and upstairs hall
  4. Repaired and skimcoated the plaster in the living room and upstairs hall
  5. Painted!
  6. Refinished the living room floor (twice)
  7. Installed an "invisible fence" to teach the dog where the yard boundaries are
  8. Tore out 4 yew bushes in the front of the house and replaced them with a raised flower bed
  9. Tore off and rebuilt the roof of the connector between the two garages
  10. Stripped and sanded lots of woodwork
  11. Tore out the carpet in the upstairs office and closet

It hasn't been a super-productive year, but we are learning as we go. With both of us working full-time jobs and having limited funds, I think we're doing okay.

Here is what we hope to accomplish in the year to come:

  1. Completely finish living room and purchase furnishings
  2. Remove paneling, wallpaper, laminate floor, and ceiling tiles from the dining room
  3. Repair dining room plaster and skimcoat
  4. Paint the dining room and install board and batten wainscoting
  5. Refinish dining room floor
  6. Install built-in cupboard
  7. Remove carpet, wallpaper, and ceiling tiles from the kitchen
  8. Strip, repair, and repaint the original kitchen cabinets
  9. Build new cabinets to match originals
  10. Reconstruct smaller original doorway between the dining room and kitchen
  11. Run new duct to the office in its original location

Sounds a little ambitious, doesn't it...?

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allison said...

Don’t fret. You’ve had a productive year. Yes, this year’s goals are ambitious, but, hey, if you don’t dream big it won’t happen. As long as you are realistic and can go with the flow when things turn south, why not? After 10 years of remodeling, I still have to give myself a reality check and say, hey, wait a minute – who’s watching the kids while I am repainting the whole house in one weekend?