Woohoo! The basement is finished! Well, okay, it's not completely finished, but the painting part is done. Now we'll be able to move on to other important things, like moving stuff down there.

Today was spent finishing up the painting, orgainzing the upstairs, and cleaning up the rental. S is over there now performing the last touch-up cleaning duties.By far, though, the best part of today was being able to finally move things into the family room (aka the basement). Here's a before and after view:

My other great accomplishment: I ripped off those stupid shower doors and bought a shower curtain. Well, not a real curtain, it's just a liner, but it looks lots better.

It's coming along, slowly but surely. I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I'll have less time to put things together for the next 3 days. Thursday through Saturday, I'll be on my regular 3 days off, so I'm hoping to finish things up by then. As long as we're done by Spetember 10, I'll be happy. We'll be having a housewarming/barbeque for our friends and family, and it would be nice not to have to dodge boxes to walk around.

More pictures to come...


Steph said...

Your basement looks great! You did a wonderful job! What an improvement. It's so nice and airy now and looks much cozier.

defenestration8 said...

For shame! You shouldn't drink Pepsi products! They keel you!

Anonymous said...

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