Moved in... sorta

As of today, everything but the fish tanks and desk chairs have been moved in. And, even more exciting, some rooms actually look like they should. The kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are completely finished. Our bedroom is nearly done, we just have some clothes and miscellaneous stuff to put into our drawers. We'd probably have been done sooner if I hadn't kept rearranging the furniture in there. Today, I took it to a new level and moved the bedroom to a different room altogether. I think I'm finished now.

In spite of the clutter, the house feels like home. It's definitely got its idiosyncracies, which we're starting to get used to. Nothing is coming to mind, but every so often, we look at something and think, "huh...?"

I'm exhausted (very little sleep the past few days), and S declared tonight a night off, so I'm off to do something relaxing. Yay!

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defenestration8 said...

My fishtank and computer were the last things I had moved when we moved into this house.