Enough about the bathroom...!

I'm driving myself crazy over floorplans and ideas... Can that shower fit or not? Do I really want a clawfoot tub, or would I be just as happy with a drop-in style with a nice subway-tiled surround? I'm unfortunately one of those people who, once an idea is planted in my head, I'll obsess over it until I drive myself (and everyone around me) insane.

So...I'll talk about the downstairs instead. :)

There's not much to do down here, especially not right away. I'm curious about what's under the stick-on ceiling tiles, and I'd like to strip the trim in the living room and rip up the old carpeting. I'm nearly positive that the old pine floors are still under there, and I want to refinish them. There's some mismatched trim on the windows by the stairs that I will fix also. And the ever-present wallpaper...

The PO's put some kind of laminate flooring in the dining room, which I can't figure out. Does that mean the hardwood is gone? I don't want to rip it up for a few years, since it's in excellent shape. I don't particularly like it, but there are other things to worry about right now (like the bathroom...). There's also some more mismatched trim between the dining room and the kitchen. The original walls are for once lacking wallpaper, but they have painted wood paneling intead. It would look good in a country farmhouse, but I'd like something a little more "Craftsman-ish".

And then there's the kitchen. It's carpeted. I don't know why. And of course, it's wallpapered.

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Anonymous said...

Di, You should probably make a list of things to ask the PO's - what's under the dining room , kitchen & lr floor covering? Mom