Idea File: Exterior Color Scheme

I was putzing around on the internet a few days ago and came across a website for a restoration company in Atlanta called Laughing Sun Renovations. Although I don't like everything they do, this picture of a Foursquare really caught my eye. I'm aware that it will be years before we're ready to tackle the exterior, but it's never too early to start thinking! I mocked it up on BHG's Home Designer, and this is an approximation of what it would look like on the Prairie Box.
Hopefully, our porch will have columns and stairs(!), but I really like the green. All of the houses in the area are either white, cream, or gray, so it would really stand out.


Josh said...

I like the color. It looks appropriate, but also has some visual "pop." Picking good accent colors also helps bring it all together.

Anonymous said...

Di, I like the green, too. I actually thought it was a taupe in the sample above. Don't you just love the door?


Andrea R said...

I stumbled across your blog and we live in a foursquare, too - but in Canada. We painted our house in a very similar combination. It looks AWESOME. You can see a bit here:

Feel free to email me! We're finishing up renovating and then moving. We have our eye on *another* foursquare. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey now, what don't you like that we do?
Laughing Sun Renovations

Anonymous said...

If you want the colors, they are:

body: duron wild grasses
trim: duron whispering birch
sash: duron plumberry

Thanks for the link and using our photo!

Di said...

Kara - Overall, I 'm very impressed with the work that Laughing Sun does. The part I don't like are the kitchens. They are too modern for my taste, but then again, most folks don't want 80-100 year old kitchens! :) I think your renovations remain true to the spirit of the house, which is rare and highly commendable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Di for your kind words. When we first started we had to balance buyer's demands with the historic restoration. Now, we're milling kitchens from reclaimed 2x8 heart of pine floor joists from old houses that they are tearing down around the city. So the kitchens are inherently old and we're recycling beautiful wood that would end up in the landfill. But since the average buyer has to be educated just on the old windows and antique architecturals (to appreciate them), we still have to create the storage and modern amenities afforded by a modern styled kitchen. But of course that can be tempered with bungalow details such as brackets, chamfered feet, etc. We've definitely gotten away from those unstained boxy maple kitchens from the late 90s!

If you ever need any advice on your project, give me a shout: