What? It's November?!

I can't believe that the year is almost over.  That means I have 2 months to finish the projects I had started in order to complete my New Year's Resolutions.  In cause you forgot (I did), here they are again:
  1. Finish office, master bedroom, and little front bedroom.
  2. Find and install a "new" front door
  3. Finish the stairway

 Doesn't sound like too much, does it?  Here is what I had accomplished as of June:
  1. Last pieces of paneling removed from office, little front bedroom (nursery!) done except for floor refinishing.
  2. New front door found! Carpenter AWOL.
  3. I've vacuumed the stairway several times and removed 1 nail. No progress.
  4. New laminate floor in the kitchen after ripping out the unsanitary carpet.
  5. Gotten rid of 90% of unnecessary junk in the house. I'm pretty proud of this one :)
  6. Begun restoration of 1941 Chambers stove. I've thoroughly cleaned everything and replaced the service cabinet door and floor, plus gotten the parts for natural gas conversion. I'm waiting for hubby to remove 5 stripped screws from the chrome top. Once that's done, we can send it to be rechromed, and then we're ready for reassembly!
  7. Edged the flowerbed with brick pavers.
  8. Agonized over how little I accomplish.
And since then, here's what else I've added to the "completed" list:
  1. All wallpaper removed from office
  2. Large hole knocked in immaculate plaster wall in order to make closet door opening wider
  3. Old knob-and-tube wiring discovered in new closet door opening
  4. Office walls prepped for skimcoating, which I'm crazy enough to want to try to do myself
  5. All upstairs doors removed, stripped, and sanded
  6. 90% of stairway sanded.  The top 4 steps after the landing are refinished and back in place (1 step still awaiting stain)
  7. Stove restoration on hold, pending removal of stripped screws via industrial drill press
  8. Spoke to carpenter numerous times and secured multiple promises to call when he's going to be out my way.  Resovled to find new carpenter...
  9. Veggie garden abandoned after pest infestation and discovery that there's not enough sun in that location
And still to accomplish:
  1. Skimcoat office walls
  2. Refinish all upstairs floors
  3. Finish sanding the damned staircase
  4. Stain and shellac the damned staircase
  5. Remove wall in master bedroom made of paneling and replace with drywall
  6. Reskimcoat some areas of the master bedroom walls to even out
  7. Strip and refinish master bedroom woodwork
Why am I thinking that this isn't all going to get done...?

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