Sticker Shock

The Stripper Guy called me on Tuesday with the news that our doors were finished.  A 5 day turnaround time, including a weekend, is awesome.  Unfortunately, he told me when I got there that the job was a lot harder than anticipated, so his estimate wasn't exactly accurate.  5 doors, fully stripped, sanded, and ready to stain, ended up costing $700. 


But, last time, he ended up coming in under his estimate, so I still trust that he's being fair with me.  I certainly know what a pain in the ass stripping lead paint can be, and I'd much rather have him do some of the more tedious work.  Less mess for me, and more time to work on the projects that are still piling up.  And, I have no idea when (if ever) I'd have gotten to those doors on my own.

So that left me free to work on the office today, except that I've been sadly neglecting the rest of the housework.  There are doghair tumbleweeds floating around our bedroom.  So that's taking precedence.  And then we have the memorial service tonight, and the funeral tomorrow.  So...  I'll see what I get done.  On the up-side, at leasr the doors are stripped now, even if I had nothing to do with it...  :)

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Anonymous said...

That is good that you feel that your stripper guy is being fair with you. I once hired a contractor who ended up not finishing the job and just running off with our money! So I'm glad that you're having better luck~