Backyard chickens: building the coop

I drew up some preliminary sketches, and a few days ago Shayne and I finally made it to Lowes to pick up our lumber.  I wanted to go to the ReStore first in case they had suitable material, but we ran out of time.  So it was all new lumber...  Sorry, Earth.  At least the metal roofing is salvaged.

Today we had a coop-raising, and Shayne, my best friend's dad, and another family friend came over to help build.  I provided technical consultation and child care.  It was hard for me not to be as hands-on as I wanted...  But, not surprisingly, everything went fine without me.  :)

Here are today's pics:

Leveling the foundation using patio blocks

Adding walls!


Building the roof

My heroes!!
Ethan had fun watching from the sidelines...
We still have to build the house part of the coop, add our metal roofing, cover the sides with hardware cloth, and paint, but at least we have a good start!


Ethan at 6 months

The reason I never get anything done anymore: