Still plugging away

I've made some progress on the living room woodwork (finally), and it should be all stripped and sanded by next week. We might even get the shellac on and get everything nailed back up. We'll see... Once everything is back in place, I'll put the final coat or two of shellac on the floor and wax it. Then I'll sit back and enjoy having a finished room for about 2.6 seconds before I start tearing up something else. *sigh* I really just can't leave well enough alone.

As an interim project while we're saving up for the bathroom or kitchen remodel (still haven't decided which will be first), I'm going to repaint the psychotically bright yellow and green front bedroom something a little more, umm, subdued. Like sage green with cream woodwork. Or maybe I'll get brave and strip it, too, even though it wasn't in our plan. Either way, that room is easy, since the walls and ceiling have already been repaired and are free of wallpaper and tiles.

If we're still broke after that, we can move on to the office. The work in there is less superficial, but still inexpensive. Same with the master bedroom. It seems there will always be plenty to do...