Skimcoating the office walls: Prep work

Today I plan to start the prep work for skimcoating the office.  Last night, we made a trek to Lowes and bought 90 minute setting compound, a slapbrush for ceiling texture, fiberglass tape, a drywall sander, and a mixer that attaches to our drill.  I already have a Magic Trowel to smooth out the mud, and paint rollers to apply it.  Total cost = $65.

My goal for today is to remove all the woodwork, then tape the cracks.  Depending on how long that takes, I may also start to mud the cracks as well.

I feel obligated to mention that I have no idea what I'm doing.  I have NO experience working with drywall, plaster or anything other than putty to patch nail holes.  This project is an experiment to see if I can teach myself a new skill without completely messing up my house.  For what it's worth, Shayn'e not entirely sure I can do this either.  As we were walking out of Lowes last night, he was less than confident about my skimcoating skills.  I appreciate that he does trust me enough to let me give it a shot, though.  Thankfully, the walls in the office are relatively smooth, and in pretty decent shape.  Because of the doors and windows, there's also not too much wall area, so it's a good room to practice on.

Pics to come soon...

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