Black Friday: The American Holiday

Because, of course, what's more American than overconsumption?

In South Bend, people have been camped out in front of stores since Wednesday.  People fight over toys, and literally run around stores to find their Christmas gifts.  All the stores are jam-packed with shoppers, though there are reportedly less than last year.  I suppose you could argue that people trying to find the best deals are being thrifty.  Or you can argue that Christmas has become more about gifts and less about Christ.

Today just bugs me.  I feel like the world has gone crazy and has their values completely screwed up. This is just reinforced when you hear about shoppers trampling a WalMart worker to death in a mad stampede to get into the store.  4 other people were injured, including a woman who is 8 months pregnant. 

What is wrong with people?


Lotta Dahl said...

I agree! Usually my shopping is completed by September. I do most of it online, what I don't buy online I make myself. I still end up spending far less on the same things that people kill each other over in stores. Just about anything can be found for less online. You just have to look hard, use coupon codes and be diligent. I see no reason to go out to stores and FIGHT people over something. And seriously if someone has to wait til after xmas to get something they want or just CAN'T get it this year, oh well! Believe it or not, a child WILL NOT die without a Wii! LOL. I know a couple of kids who don't have one and are still breathing. LOL.

Did you see this on Yahoo? http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/shopper-stampede-frenzy-guard-killed/2008/12/01/1227979886027.html

They had a video the other day too. This sort of thing happens every year, someone is killed or close to killed at a damn Walmart and nothing ever seems to be done about it. These people KILLED this man to get to a $300 laptop or $400 TV. How can that even be justified? I just... can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

I posted about this very same thing....In 25 years of adult Christmas shopping I've gone out on Black Friday 3 times...with the third time being this year....I'll not do it again!