The tagline of this blog should be...

Instead of, "How our old house changed our lives," our tagline really should read, "How we unfucked our old house, one catastrophe at a time."

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if the people who owned the house before the folks we bought it from did anything right.  D across the street said that Mr. F was "handy".  While I commend them for not letting the house fall down, I have to wonder, fairly often, what were they thinking?!

When we had the dishwasher installed, we found that the water supply and drain lines were both the same diameter of pipe.  That made the supply line too big and the drain too small.  Also, both were some sort of cheap flexible plastic pipe commonly used in trailers and campers, not braided line for the supply and a strong, flexible hose for the drain.  Don't even get me started on the pipe arrangement for the dishwasher supply and drain.  Our installer also noted that the supply lines for the back porch bathroom was clear plastic tubing of the type normally installed for ice makers.  He said it wasn't designed for long-term, full-time use, and he was surprised that in its 20 years of use, it hadn't yet cracked.  What's even weirder is that they ran copper supply lines to the washer out there.  Why use copper for part of it, and cheap, crappy plastic for the rest?

Because of the goofy plumbing, he couldn't actually hook up the dishwasher supply line.  We have Shayne's plumber friend coming over tomorrow to straighten everything out.

Seriously, people.  Is it so hard to do things right the first time?!

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Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me about the supply lines to the bathroom. YIKES!